Voir La Lumière Rouge

'Voir La Lumière Rouge' - copyright Illisia Adams 2012

Model: Mark Sutton
Place: Canterbury
Date: 09/06/2012
Description: I visited Canterbury to photograph many of the historical sites, but this backdrop seemed to perfect to resist, so I stole away Mark from his own photography for a spontaneous photoshoot, and this was one of the resulting photographs. Very happy with it.
Notes: The image is unaltered. Constructive critique and compliments are always welcome.
Copyright Notice: Copyright Illisia Adams 2012. Please ask permission before sharing and give appropriate credit.

2 thoughts on “Voir La Lumière Rouge

  1. I have seen this cathedral in several Monty Python skits. It looks like the cathedral “Ron Obvious” attempted to eat. Either that or many cathedrals look alike.

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