re: Website

This is just a quick Blog Post, as I am getting a lot of new readers, some of which may not have access to FaceBook, where I post most of my general news and updates.

Please be aware that my email account (contact at illisia dot co dot uk) is currently experiencing technical difficulties, and any attempts to contact me via that address will return an error report. I am working on resolving this as quickly as I can, but obviously I am having a very, very busy couple of weeks, so you shall have to bare with me. In the meanwhile, you can Tweet me, FaceBook me, or leave me a Comment and I shall reply to you as soon as I am able.

My website is also currently lacking in a Photographs section, as I am redesigning it to make it more efficient, due to the sheer amount of images I now have.

I am also debating redesigning the entire website with some exciting new updates, but I plan on doing this offline and then uploading it, so there shant be any “down time”, the current website will still be available until then.

Please bare with me. Thank you all for your patience.


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