Good News!

My internet connection is finally being installed at my new residency on Thursday 04th of April, only three days left to go. This means that I can at last return to regular posting, so expect to see lots more interviews, reviews, news and photography here very soon…

REQUESTED: Website Designer and Website Developer

As I have recently posted about, though my current website and Blog have “done the job” for some time, I have decided to recreate my professional image.

I designed my original website, but I want to re-vamp the whole thing.

My Photography Portfolio is growing, and my current design is simply no longer suitable for the shear number of photographs that I have, atop which I would like to incorporate an article database on the website, rather than continue to post them on my Blog. There are many other specifications, but those are the main requirements.

These are unpaid positions, but full credit and reference(s) will be given to whomever I select to work with. This could be a good opportunity to addition to your work Portfolio.

If you are interested, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.


When this Blog was founded, back on March 23rd, 2012, and I posted my first ever Blog Post, my goal was very simple. This Blog was about my efforts to become a professional journalist and photographer. It was a place to share my writing and my photographs, receive constructive critique, and share my progress (if any) towards my would-be career with my friends, family, and eventually, my “fans”.

It was never intended as being permanent.

So, almost a full year later, after many trials and tribulations, I now have an official website and a FaceBook Page, I am gathering many readers, attending events with Press Pass in-hand, and I am getting new (unpaid) “gig” offers quite frequently. All of this means that, in, all honesty, this Blog has become a place where I no longer want to share my writing and photography. I think, to continue upward t’ward my goal, I need to expand my horizons. I need to move on…

I am currently seeking a redesign for the website which willΒ incorporateΒ all of my writing (articles, reviews, event reports, etc) and photography into categories and sub-categories, making it more professional, and easier for visitors to find write-ups or photographs of things they are particularly interested in.

This redesign means that I shall no longer be posting articles, Event Reports, interviews, reviews, etc, here, but rather directly onto the new website.

I shall continue to maintain this Blog, of course, but only as an output to write about my continuing efforts to become professional. There will, however, be continuing updates on my personal progress, “Inspirational Quotes“, and of course, generally uncategorised bits-and-bobs.

I hope that you can all understand and respect my decision(s), and that you continue to view my work in its new home, once it is built. In the meanwhile, I shall of course maintain my posting output as usual.

Thank you.

IMPORTANT: Technical Difficulties!

I am getting a lot of hits in, post-Sci-Fi Weekender, so it is very important that I update the Blog to make sure that all my new readers become aware that I am currently experiencing technical difficulties whereby I am not receiving all the emails that are being sent to my address. Some are getting through, but some are not.

I am working with the Technical Support team for my provider to fix the problem, but please bare with me in the meanwhile.

If you have any comments, suggestions, booking or business inquiries, if you want a copy of a photograph that I took of you at any events I have been covering, or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to contact me in other ways, via Twitter, FaceBook or Commenting on my Blog.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

re: Website

This is just a quick Blog Post, as I am getting a lot of new readers, some of which may not have access to FaceBook, where I post most of my general news and updates.

Please be aware that my email account (contact at illisia dot co dot uk) is currently experiencing technical difficulties, and any attempts to contact me via that address will return an error report. I am working on resolving this as quickly as I can, but obviously I am having a very, very busy couple of weeks, so you shall have to bare with me. In the meanwhile, you can Tweet me, FaceBook me, or leave me a Comment and I shall reply to you as soon as I am able.

My website is also currently lacking in a Photographs section, as I am redesigning it to make it more efficient, due to the sheer amount of images I now have.

I am also debating redesigning the entire website with some exciting new updates, but I plan on doing this offline and then uploading it, so there shant be any “down time”, the current website will still be available until then.

Please bare with me. Thank you all for your patience.