Plans For The The Diamond Jubilee

As everyone is surely aware, tomorrow is the Diamond Jubilee of our British Queen, marking her sixty years of rule. There will be many picnics, parades, etc, and hopefully it will be a day to remember.

My initial instinct was to stay indoors and avoid the crowds and the noise, but the journalist in me has been screaming “No, it is history in the making! You must photograph it, you must write about it!” … Guess which one won 😉

So, tomorrow I shall be spending the day out-and-about, photographing any celebrations that I come by, taking notes, asking questions, etc, so that I might write an article about the day, contribute to my Photography Portfolio, etc.

In particular, I shall be spending the afternoon at the Folkestone Jubilee Airshow, which is, unitself, quite a historical event, as it is the first Air Show to be held within Folkestone in ten years!

If you live in or have access to Folkestone, I would highly recommend it, it looks to be quite spectacular 🙂

But, if you have other plans, be they lurking indoors avoiding as much of the celebrations as possible, having a perfectly normal day because you live in another country, or partaking in one of the many, many celebrations, do enjoy yourself all the same.

I look forward to sharing my photographs and report(/s) of my experience of the day with you all soon.