About The Author and the Blog

I am a lover most things pretaining to “geek” and/or “nerd”. My hobbies include reading, writing, photography, puzzles (jigsaw, sudoku, crossword, etc), cooking, computer gaming, and singing.

I want to pursue journalism as a writer and photographer, carrying my camera with me wherever possible and writing new articles whenever I get a brainstorm.

My interests vary a great deal with anything from the sophistication of politics, history and science, to the appreciation of films and television, art, music and poetry, so my writing and photography is as varied as my lifestyle is.

I write articles on any subject that grabs me on any given day, some that are brief and to the point based on my existing knowledge and opinions, some that take weeks of research to truly create something of worth. My photography is spontaneous and comes straight from my heart.

As a first step towards my goal, I have taken it upon myself to start this Blog. Herein I shall post my ideas, share my passions, update on my progress, and post completed pieces for all to see.

I hope that my passions shine through and that you find it in your hearts to read what I have to say, view my work and give me the constructive critique that I need to push myself that extra mile to become a full time journalist. And I hope that someday I will get there with your help and your support.

4 thoughts on “About The Author and the Blog

  1. Hi. I’m a journalist living near you and I was reading your blog. It’s interesting. I was hoping we might talk as I’d be interested in hearing more about your agoraphobia and how difficult that is to overcome. Email me. maxxxevans(at)gmail.com

    • Hello, Max,
      I am very intrigued to speak with you, and more than happy to help a fellow writer, especially a journalist.
      I shall email you “asap” 🙂

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